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Story Time: AM I PART OF THE CURSE OR AM I PART OF THE CURE By Fadare Oluwabusayo [Episode 3]

Episode 3

After leaving the house things has not been easy for mum and I. Mum started making soap, that is the only thing we live on. The business was running smoothly not until mum fell sick. Mum is an asthmatic patient and the expenses kept increasing day by day.
Dunmininu:Mum why not let us ask big mummy Tope to borrow you some money so we can replace your drugs, your inhaler will also finish any moment from now
Omolade:Don't bother telling anyone I will be fine.
Dunmininu:But mum your condition doesn't seem to be getting any better
Omolade:I said I will be fine.Go and deliver those soaps to the Cokers and branch at aunty Moji's place for my balance
Dunmininu:ok ma
Deep inside I knew mum isn't getting any better.Then I decided to tell Juwon about mum's Condition since mum listens to him all the time.
Dunmininu:hello are you?
Juwon:lil sis I'm fine but the house is really boring without you and your mum
Dunmininu:ehya.....can we meet today? I have something really important to discuss with you
Juwon:OKay.... let us meet at Timi's place by 5pm
Dunmininu:okay thanks

Juwon:what's up are you?
Timi:I'm fine and you
Juwon:I'm healthy thanks. are you going out?
Timi:Yes jare...I'm going to see Toke
Juwon:thought things were over between you guys
Timi:not really jare.
Juwon:ok ooo....bye
Dunmininu what is wrong?  You look dull
Dunmininu:Juwon everything is wrong
Juwon:talk to me is your mum?
Dunmininu:Mum has fallen ill and it is not a minor sickness. there is no money to take care of her properly
Juwon:why did you not call me to inform me earlier.Am I not your favourite bro again?
Dunmininu:I did not want to bother you and besides mum was against it, saying she doesn't want to be a burden to anyone.
Juwon:what does she mean by being a burden? are we no longer family?
Dunmininu:We sure are and we will always be family. I called you so you could talk to her and assist us
Juwon:don't worry your mum will be fine. Be rest assured. let me get going and I will get back to you before the end of today
Dunmininu: okay thanks a lot I'm really grateful.

Juwon called me when he got home and said I should get ready because mum and I will return to the place where we truly belong. I was surprised, kept thinking on what was going to happen. As early as 8am big mummy and Juwon were at our place they had come to take us home. Has daddy finally sent for us?
Dunmininu:Juwon does dad know we are coming home?
Juwon:don't worry lets get home first.

Mr.Akinola:what is going on? who are they?
Tope:Daddy Temidun calm down. have brought Omolade and Dunmininu back home.
Mr.Akinola:and who said this is their home?
Tope:for how long will you stay angry with them? they are your family and Dunmininu is your blood. Omolade is very sick and she needs proper care.
Mr.Akinola:I did not send her out of the house. she left on her own will. she can stay in this house for as long as she want.
Tope:thank you olowo ori mi... Dunmininu take your stuffs inside Juwon assist her
Mr.Akinola:only Omolade is allowed to stay here. I don't have room for strangers in my house
Tope:But daddy Temidun if Omolade stays where do you want Dunmininu to go? this girl is your blood oo
Mr.Akinola:I disowned her the day she disobeyed me. So I don't care where she goes.

The pleading doesn't seem to be getting to an end I then decided to leave and made sure mum stayed so she will get the proper care she needed. I made big mummy promise me that my mum will be fine no matter what.
I left the house with sadness to face the bigger world alone without a shoulder to lean on.

To be continued......

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