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Story Time: AM I PART OF THE CURSE OR AM I PART OF THE CURE By Fadare Oluwabusayo [Episode 4]

Episode 4

After a week I got news from Juwon that mum was now okay and she misses me a lot but what can I do dad won't even allow me step inside his house.Things has not been easy for me without mum. I worked as a sales girl in a supermarket from 8am-4pm and I tutor some waec students from 5am-7pm. Big mummy also sends money to me once in a while. I had issues with where I was staying and I had to move out so Juwon suggested I stay with Timi since he lives in a flat and his girlfriend has also moved in with him. Everything was going fine not until I got the new that my mum was dead. I was shattered, Mum's existence alone was my greatest strength. I decided to go home at least I have the right to be present at my mum's funeral.
Dunmininu:hello Juwon, when will mum be buried?
Juwon:she will be buried next tomorrow. won't you come home
Dunmininu:okay. I will surely be at the burial

Mr.Akinola:excuse me young lady why are you here?
I looked at my father with irritation and was like has he gone mad or something
Dunmininu:Good afternoon sir. I came because of mum. I should be with her before she is buried
Mr.Akinola:Will you keep quiet. You this murderer
I got a big shock hearing that from my own father. I killed my mum? how is that possible
Dunmininu:Daddy how can you call me a murderer
Mr.Akinola:don't call me your father because I did not give birth to a useless child
Tope:Akinola have had enough of your nonsense. what rubbish is this? Dunmininu is the only child of Omolade and she has every right to be here.
Mr.Akinola:She stopped being a child to this family the day she left this house. she is nothing but a curse to this family all this bad occurrence are happening because of her stubbornness and ignorance
Dunmininu:Dad I promise to leave but please let me stay till mum's funeral is over. it won't be complete without me
Temidun:Daddy you know have never said anything concerning Dunmininu.....please let her stay till the funeral is over so her mother soul will rest in peace.
I was surprised,for the first time Temidun supported me and it was seconded by Juwonlo. After all the pleading which was resulting to nowhere I left. I came back on the day of the main burial.
Mr.Akinola:have told you times without number I don't want to see you here again
Dunmininu:this is my mum's burial and I will remain here regardless of what anyone says.
Mr.Akinola:oh I see. You have started growing wings abi. I know what to do.
my father went and brought 2 hefty guys to chase me out like a complete  stranger.
Calling me a murderer and saying I was a curse to the family was not enough. I was not even allowed do witness mum's last rite. I was broken into pieces. I felt everything was over and there was no point in staying alive. Timi and his girlfriend came in at the right time to save me from committing suicide.
I made a promise to myself never to return to that house and this space of hatred in my heart towards my father will never be replaced with love. I decided to move on and made sure I get to the top at all cost. Mum's dream was to be a lawyer and mine was a doctor. But because of this injustice I gave up on becoming a doctor and decided to be a lawyer. I was a social-science student in school so I did literature in English,government and commerce in my waec. I decided to take another jamb after two years. I needed to save more money so I will be able to sponsor myself to the university.
After 2 years I wrote jamb and passed the cut of mark to study law. The tutorial I attended really helped. I stop working at the supermarket and started preparing to resume school(admission list was out).
Timi and his girlfriend were having issues so I could not stay with them any longer. Bola my best friend said I can stay with her. Since we both gained admission into the same school and chose the same course. We've been friends for 2years after mum passed away she has being my support.
The day I left Timi's house completely something big happened on my way to Bola's place.

To be continued.........

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