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Story Time: AM I PART OF THE CURSE OR AM I PART OF THE CURE By Fadare Oluwabusayo [Episode 2]

Episode 2

Dunmininu:Juwon Jamb result is out have you checked yourz?
Juwon: Yes. I scored 185 which is not up to the cut off for medicine. mum will be disappointed once again.
Dunmininu:you don't need to feel bad bro. you can also change course. at least you scored more than 180.
Juwon:You know mum really want me to be a doctor. Aburo what did you score?
Dunmininu:Well your lil sis scored 220
Juwon:Wawu.... I trust you. GENIUS
Dunmininu:Juwon stop whynning me joor....majority of what I did were guess work.
Juwon:Dunmininu now that the result is out why don't you just tell the family about it.You can't keep this a secret for too long.
Dunmininu: Yes I know but I don't know how I will tell dad. I can still summon the courage to tell my mum
Juwon: you don't need to be scared joor......we can show them the result together and trust me they will proud of you. You scored above 200 in your first trial.
Dunmininu: okay thanks bro you are the best.....I love you.
I and Juwonlo were the closest, we shared almost everything with each other though we fight alot.Temidun behaves more like a mother so I really don't tell her things.Only Juwon knew I wrote jamb exam.

Juwon:Dad what's the occasion? you seem to be in a joyous mood today.
Mr.Akinola:Yes son. I'm really happy. I finally won the contract I told you about.
Juwon:Wow....congrats dad. Well I and Dunmininu also have good news for you.
Mr.Akinola:what are you waiting for. Oya I'm listening
Juwon:Dad the jamb result is. out and we both passed
Mr.Akinola: I am proud of you son. congratulations but who are the "we" you and who?
Juwon:I and Dunmininu. she also wrote the exam and did really well. she scored 220 and I scored 185. don't you think she deserves a gift.
Mr.Akinola: Will You keep quiet.
I started trembling in fears. trouble was about to start.
Mr.Akinola:Omolade! mummy Temidun!!
Omolade & Tope:Yes.
Tope: what is the matter my dear?
Mr.Akinola:Tell Omolade to ask her foolish daughter what the matter is. Omolade:Dunmininu what have you done?
Dunmininu: Ehm..ehmmm.....Mum my jamb result is out
Omolade: what do you mean jamb result is out ehnn....wait oo don't tell me you went ahead and wrote that exam
Mr.Akinola:exactly......despite my warning. she went ahead and wrote the exams. No one in this house ever dared to go against my decision except this foolish daughter of yours.
Omolade:Dear, I really don't know about this. I swear, she did not even tell me about it
Dunmininu:Mum, dad I can explain
I'm really sorry for going against you both but I want to further my education that's why
I received another slap of my life from my dad. the whole house became hot.
Tope:daddy Temidun please calm down. You know how Dunmininu is. You just have to forgive her. she is still a child and doesn't understand anything.
Mr.Akinola:OMOLADE I told you before that the day your daughter decides to write that exam will be her last day in this house. You know I'm a man of my word
Omolade:Daddy Dunmininu please don't do this.  You can punish her in anyway I won't oppose it but please don't send her out of the house
Tope:Akinola how can you say you want to send her out. where do you want her to go and what will people say about this......ehnn
Mr.Akinola:she is leaving this house today and I don't care about what anyone says.
Juwon:Daddy please calm down. one tends to make the wrong decision in a fit of rage.
Omolade: Juwon is right please calm down. You can't send her out of the house. Mummy Temidun please help me talk to him
Tope: Akinola, please don't chase   Dunmininu out of the house. Punish her in any other way but don't send her out of the house.
Dunmininu: Daddy I'm really sorry..... I promise not to go against you ever again. from now on I will stop talking about going to the university. I don't have anywhere else to go. please daddy
Juwon:Daddy please don't send her out. if Dunmininu leaves the house then I'm going with her
Mr.Akinola:amazing......fine then go with her. if there is anyone else willing to go with them please follow. You all know I won't go back on my words. this girl won't spend another day in my house and that is final.

At this point nothing could be done. Dad isn't going to listen to anyone. I left the house but not alone; mum followed me.
I was filled with regret. Mum could not stay in the house without me. Dad just turned a blind eye on us as I and my mum left the house......

To be continued......

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