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UNIOSUN Fire Extinguisher incident: "If it was Fire we would have all been dead" - Anatomy and Physiology Students clamor for ventilated and spacious classroom after Thursday mini disaster

A2satBlog gathered that Following all that they experienced on Thursday, the students took to WhatsApp to tell how scared they were when the incident occurred with many thinking the next thing that was going to happen immediately after the gaseous content in the Extinguisher had emptied itself was fire.

"I was scared to my pants, I thought that was my end, only one exit and I was at the back with hundred of people in front of me fighting for the single exit, I saw the cousin and nephew of death in front" one of the Students cried out.

One of the Students whose birthday coincide with the day of the incident also narrate how his mum cried on the phone after he revealed all that happened to her "They nearly turned my birthday to my sad day" he said.

Another student showed how terrified he was saying "if it was Fire, we all won't be here talking today".

A student also took his time thanking God that the projector was not used during the lecture which could have lead to something worse as Fire might follow.

The students are now seeking for a more spacious and well ventilated classroom as they all don't think they would ever go back to the class where they nearly lost their precious lives.

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