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WTF: Nigerian Man threw his sick daughter into a soak away because of this (photos)

A 19-year-old girl, Chiburuoma Boms, was strangled to death by her dad and dumped inside septic tank in Port Harcourt, on Wednesday, January 24th.

Incredibly, the dad defended his actions, saying she has been ill for more than 7 months, and her illness was believed to be because of her promiscuity and incest.

He angrily dragged her and threw into the soakaway.

Read the report below…
“#26TH JAN 2018:SAD NEWS FROM RIVERS-STATE;>{Reports From Her(The Girl In The Pic)ORO-IBE Family In ELEKAHIA,PORT-HARCOURT,Has It That,Her Father,In Anger,Dragged,Carried Her From His House & Threw Her Into The Septic Tank(Soakaway),Where She Died.According To Her Dad,She brought shame and reproach to him,And His Family,And He Could Not Take It Again.
Furthermore,He Said She was unable to do anything by herself,Including going to use the toilet,as a result of an illness which lasted for more than 7 months.The illness was believed to have been contracted through her Promiscuity,Including a committal of incest.The Father Eventually Handed Himself Over To The Police.@Soty F Ngeri}…..NB;->Na Wa!.I Am Speechless.#LordHaveMercy!.SMH!”

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