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Yeeparipa: Didier Drogba’s phone got stolen in Ghana while he hosted the CAF Awards, Fans react [Full Gist]

According to Ivorian website,, football legend, Didier Drogba lost his mobile phone while hosting the 2017 CAF Awards last week Wednesday in Ghana.

According to the report, 'But who dared steal the cell phone of star Didier Drogba? The former Chelsea player was dressed as a master of ceremonies at the CAF Awards. Naprahio's child was focused on his task when his mobile disappeared.

Didier Drogba returned home without his phone'.

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So they stole Didier Drogba's phone in Ghana , the most intriguing part is the fact that it happened in the Government House
Ghana I hail o
8:51 AM - Jan 8, 2018

Replying to @MHChehade
Careful with your choice of words mate. Drogba may have misplaced his phone but it's disrespectful to everyone to say it was stolen
9:12 AM - Jan 7, 2018
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Glorious LFC
According to several Ghana news outlets, CAF Awards co-host & African football icon Didier Drogba's mobile phone was stolen at the Awards ceremony..
7:16 AM - Jan 7, 2018
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Dominic Chimhavi
Ah Ghana paa I still can't believe Drogba's phone is missing
9:05 AM - Jan 7, 2018

Drogba's phone was stolen at the CAF awards last night
8:13 PM - Jan 6, 2018

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