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Ayee o: They said Death prophecy is affecting Shatta Wale’s performance in bed [Full Gist]

Recently, it was prophecied by a Ghanaian prophet that singer Shatta Wale is likely going to die this year if he doesn’t desist from his worldly lifestyle. The prophecy came few days after popular Ghanaian female singer, Ebony Reigns died in an auto accident that saw her and three others lose their life.

The driver of the vehicle is reported to be the only survivor of the crash.

A prophet is said to have seen the incident involving Ebony Reings in a vision and warned of it.
Reacting to the prophecy, the Shatta Wale said,

”Don’t think you are a pastor so you are anointed ..GOD HAS A PURPOSE FOR HIS CHILDREN AND AM ONE OF THEM..Don’t dare me Mr pastor .. Don’t try my God”

”Ghana pastors won’t see you winning a lottery in their visions they claim..but always they see death or your family is after you ..God show yourself this year ..LET ALL SEE WHY YOU NAMED ME SHATTA WALE

While many spent their valentine with loved ones and friends, the Ghanaian Dancehall artiste was seen with his friends holding a prayer session. He’s seen in a video posted by rapper Pope Skinny singing and praying to God with his friends on the evening of wednesday, February 14, when many were deep in the mood of love.

His recent change in mood has made a legal practictioner, Maurice Ampaw, to claim that the singer is jittery about the prophecy which he at first took for granted. The lawyer said,
“As I speak to you right now, Shatta Wale is not himself. From the day the prophecy was made, he went to pray; he wept at Ebony’s funeral. Do you know what is affecting him in secrecy?” the ‘showbiz’ lawyer queried.

“Ask Shatta Michy(Shatta wale’s lover) if Shatta Wale is able to perform in bed. His performance has reduced. He is undergoing mental shock and trauma. Although he has openly challenged the prophets, inwardly, he is afraid because nobody is comfortable with death. He can’t sleep.”

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