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Free Dr.Sesan: Dept. President Reacts to Viral video Of UNIOSUN Lecturer beating Students, claims it's a Drama Rehearsal [Full Gist]

The president of the department involved in the viral video; Comrade Akala through the release of an article has confirmed that the scene in the video was a rehearsal.

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Assumption they say is the best way of making a mistake. I am not writing this to favour anybody neither do I mean to mystify this issue but it is necessary to let the whole world know that what happened in the four-seconds video was part of three-hours rehearsal. It was not in a lecture room but a theatre rehearsal, and discipline is very important during rehearsal, in fact some scholars ague that discipline is part of ethics of rehearsal.
In regard to this, the entire National Association of Students of English and Literary Studies (NASELS) Uniosun chapter are urging people to do their research thoroughly and get the fact before they react to the matter and stop spreading rumour that can tarnish the image of this prestigious department and Osun State University at large.
The entire NASELSites also urge management to please deliver their judgement fairly as it has been gathered from the students and even the eyewitnesses that Dr. Sesan was not at fault. He is innocent and should not be punished for the offence he did not commit.
Thanks for your understanding.
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AKALA Sunday F


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