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Someone's MCM: "I am in 400 level and still a male virgin, please help me" Nigerian Student cries out

A Nigerian student has taken to a popular forum to call for help over his introvert nature as he claims it has subjected him to remaining a virgin even as he’s in 400 level at the university.

Read his words:
”will be 21 by Oct this year and a 400l student in a fed university. I am an introvert and find it hard keeping conversations with the opposite sex though recently I have been managing to crawl out my shell and be more free with the opposite sex though that has not been easy.
I have not known any girl since my teenage years and I find it somehow unfulfilling to graduate next year without knowing any woman throughout my 5 years in the university
This is the problem. Anytime I am with a girl in my room(I live alone offcamp) and wants to make a move I feel very uncomfortable to the extent that my stomach starts making some disturbing noises. I can’t explain the reason for the fear because I am sure that the girl wants what I want and I am also 100% sure she won’t refuse. This has happened multiple times.
Recently I had this bae in my room. she came to collect movies from my laptop. she had no bra on just a short gown and her nips was pointing with her curved backside showing in the revealing tight gown.
she was clearly in the mood as she sat beside me and placed her head on top my shoulder with her warm nips pressing hard against me. I was totally nervous and my body became very hot, I just didn’t know what to do or how to start the action as fear gripped me. I just disengaged from her and pretended to get something from my kitchen.
So naira landers, I don’t know why I can’t summon courage to subdue a woman despite the glaring green lights. I can’t explain the sudden fear and nervousness that grips me whenever I am with a potential F-mature
pls I want to know if the fear is common with first timers or is there something biologically wrong with me?
pls I really need this advice”.

Dear A2Bers, Advice your Brother in tha Lord

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