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Story Time: AM I PART OF THE CURSE OR AM I PART OF THE CURE By Fadare Oluwabusayo [Episode 7 - The Final Episode]

Episode 7{Last episode }

After 5 years dad's case was reopened. I've gathered more than a enough evidence to prove his innocence. This case is a twisted one and the mastermind behind it is a very smart person. Who is behind all of this? Why would the person want to frame my dad so badly?

In court, on the day of the first hearing I was able to present solid evidence that my dad has been framed. I'm to bring my witness in the next hearing but something big happened
Witness:Good afternoon ma. we really need to meet as soon as possible.
Dunmininu:Okay let us meet at the cafeteria in your street

Witness:Thank you for coming. I will be leaving this place today. I can no longer be a witness in this case
Dunmininu:What do you mean?  the next court hearing is next tomorrow.
Witness:I'm really sorry to disappoint you.
Dunmininu:Were you perhaps threatened? you can talk to me....winning this case means a lot to me
Witness:I am sorry. let me be honest with you. The mastermind behind all this is very close to you
Dunmininu:Tell me please. I really need to know
Witness:Ehmmmm.....(phone rings)
Caller:I am currently in your house with your sick daughter. you talk and her life will end right here and now
Witness:Please don't harm her. my life revolves around her. Hello.... hello
Dunmininu:What is the matter? please talk to me
Witness:Sorry I need to go
He stood up and left but luckily for me he left his phone behind. I sharply went through his call log and saved the caller's number on my phone, then I rushed outside to give him his phone

I called the caller and booked an appointment with him though I hid my true identity.
Dunminin:Hi this is Sharon.....what time are we meeting today at hotel heritage?
Caller:By 4pm baby. I will be waiting for you
Dunmininu:Okay dear... see you soon
I got to hotel heritage exactly 4pm. I told the receptionist who I came for, and I was told the room number. I went through the client lists and the name I saw that booked the room I was heading to, weakened me. I refuse to believe my eyes so I went.I knocked but no answer the door was not locked so I opened.No one was in the room, I heard the sound of shower which clearly means the caller is in the bathroom. 
At the bed side I went through his  wallet then I saw a locket on the bed.
I brought out the locket I have with me (from my rape incidence) and to my greatest surprise it was the other piece. I said to myself
Dunmininu:Omg....what exactly is going on? have I started seeing things?  could my rape be a planned work? is this person the culprit and  murderer? the name I saw at the reception.....I was lost in thought
just then the person came out of the bathroom. My eyes could not believe who I saw
Caller:Dunmininu you? why are you here.... itz been a while
Dunmininu:Juwon why?  are you really the one behind all this
Juwon:What is going on. I don't understand
Dunmininu:Stop your pretence. this locket... you threatened my witness....that number.... I am Sharon the person you had booked an appointment with
He started laughing in a devilish manner.Deep inside I was hoping he denies it and tell me I am wrong.
Juwon:My dear innocent little sister.....Yes I'm responsible for you being sent out of the house, Dad stopped you from attending your mum's burial because of me. I and Timi raped you.......since you and your mum left the picture dad was the next... so he was framed with mum's elder brother death.
Dunmininu:Juwon dad loves you a are his favourite even my late mum never loved you like a step son...SO WHY....what is the reason behind this?
Juwon:You were obviously brighter than I. You excelled well in school and my mum was not happy about it. So I hated you for being better than I despite the fact that you are a girl and I am a boy
Dunmininu:Juwon have heard enough.Your time is up
Juwon:What will you are not leaving this place alive hope you know?
The police I brought along came in. I have a recorder with me so all our conversations has been recorded.
Dunmininu:You will pay dearly for your crimes trust me when i say so.....take him away
We went to Timi's place and arrested him. The real mastermind was mummy Temidun.she already took over all my father's property with her lover who is actually the father to her children (Temidun and Juwonlo). They were all arrested and my dad was released. I  won the biggest battle of my life.
Dunmininu:Mum's death was really painful
Bola:You don't need to cry, its time to celebrate you came out victorious. I am sure your mum is proud of you wherever she is.
Mr.Akinola:We still have somewhere to go before all this will be completely over
Dunmininu:Where dad?
Mr Akinola:Just come with me
Dad took me to the cemetery where mum was buried. I was the happiest... after so many years I came to visit mum.
Dunmininu:Mum I am here after so many years. forgive this daughter of yours. I promise to always come visit. sleep well my jewel.
I, Dad and Bola bursted into tears.(tears of joy)

Big mummy Tope was sentenced to live imprisonment with hard Labour, Juwonlo was sentenced to death by hanging and Timi was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment.
Temidun was surrounded by enemies she was shattered. I felt really bad for her and made sure I visit and call her from time to time.  she later got married and travelled abroad to start afresh.
Bola was already a married woman and a mother of two
After 2 years I got married to Ayomide...the guy that brought complete joy into my life.
I and Dad became bestfriends. I was his greatest assets and the apple of his eye. I finally felt what it is to love and be loved in return.
Thank God for helping me live a fulfilled life.

A story written by; Fadare Oluwabusayo (M'zZ Bussy)

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