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Wait a Moment: Is President Buhari Dead? Queen Elizabeth has sent a message of condolence to Nigerians at Large [Full Gist]

The Queen of Britain, Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has sent message of condolence to the family of Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari and the people of Nigeria.

There are no official reports on the speculated death of the President and the message of condolence from the British Monarchy has put Nigerians in state of despair.

Two sources close to the Presidency have said the President has passed on and that the photos circulating online are those from his previous visit

Another London source says PM Theresa May has visited the Nigeria Ambassador to the UK.
In a message of condolence, the Queen described Buhari as “one of Africa’s pillars”.

“The death of President Buhari came to us as a shock. He has been one of the active pillars in
Africa. May the good people of Nigeria and Africa know that our hearts are with them in these hard times.” – the Queen said.

The Presidency days ago denied reports that the President had died and subsequent release of Photos put to rest the rumors but the latest message of condolence from the Queen has brought further confusion whether the Queen has fallen for fake news or the Presidency is lying to the people to Nigeria.


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