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ANTICIPATE: Popular Nigerian Blogger set to publish his Book "The Seven Commandment of Friendship" [Check it out]

Popular Nigerian Blogger, Ajagbe Ayodeji is set to publish his New Book titled "The Seven Commandments of Friendship".

Check out more info below as shared by him

Childhood👼🏻 friends often become life-long friends👯🏼‍♀. I still have dates once or twice a month with girls👩🏻 that I went to school🏫 with 8 years ago. But friendships also have their ups📈 and downs📉 and this collection🗞 of rules about friendship👯🏼‍♀ includes rules that will help you learn to navigate both the highs📈 and lows📉 of friendships. Best of all, they will help inspire you to become great friends! 👫

  The book🗞 will be released soon on blogs and the PDF format📩 will also be available too...

★ *Ajagbe Ayodeji ✌🏽 (Timmy Turner™)*

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