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Stop ignoring your phonecalls or putting it on Airplane mode: Beauty queen cries out as her fiancé dies shortly after she missed his call

Most Beautiful Girl in Akwa Ibom Ambassador 2017, MBGAK, Queen Ndiana Inyang is currently lamenting and in an emotional wreck after losing her fiance to the cold hands of death. The beauty queen who is reported to have been in attendance at the Thanksgiving service in honour of the Akwa Ibom state speaker yesterday at Full life Uyo, took to Facebook to reveal the sad news.

According to information gathered from her Facebook post, her fiance called her when he was probably about to pass away but she didn’t pick due to her busy schedule.

She wrote on Facebook;

Meanwhile, The cause of her fiance’s death was not disclosed. May his soul rest in peace.

Some social media has reacted to why she didn’t pick her call, see comments below;

“Oh Dead!!! Why have thou deprived me of my joy & testimony. Sadly, I was the person He called and I was busy as usual. This is worse than a heartbreak”

Always pick your calls & stop switching it off in the night😒😒RIP to the dead

Same as those who lock their phones with passwords that before you finish typing it, an Ibadan traveler has gotten to his destination should take note 😢😳. Sorry for your loss ma’am.

And for those people who always put their phone on airplane mode or don’t disturb mode should learn from this mistake because you don’t know if that’s the last day to hear from the person calling you…

How do people remember their cell phones in times like this? Most people I know “really” grieving don’t even pickup calls let alone type on social media with stupid emojis but what do I know. RIP to the fiance
May I be too busy to answer the call of death when it comes knocking IJN 🙏🙏

So sad I am going to remove my phone from call auto rejection😢😢😢😢

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