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BREAKING: Thursday Again! UNIOSUN suffers another blow as CSO Dies Months after the death of Civil Engineering HOD [Details]

A sad news reaching us right now at A2satBlog is that the Chief Security Officer of Osun State University known as Mr. Segun Is Dead.

A source disclosed to our correspondent that he died of an Appendix problem which is yet to be disclosed. (This could probably be As a result of ruptured appendix which can actually lead to death in some cases. If it's left untreated, peritonitis can quickly spread, resulting in septicemia, or bacteria in the blood. This is one of the most common diseases attributed to the Appendix)

Though no report of the incident has been reported by the school but another source disclosed to A2B that he(Mr. Segun) must have died today(Thursday) and he's very sure about it as he overhead lecturers discussing it among themselves.

His death news as since then spread as students are now showing their last respects by bidding him farewell via social media.

Our Thoughts are with the family of the very agile man. Rest in peace sir.

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