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NoLazyNigerianYouth: National Youth Council trains youths on ICT Skills in Ifako Ijaiye

The National Youth Council of Nigera (NYCN), Ifako-Ijaiye Branch, ably led by Comrade Adeleye Joseph took the challenge of Bill Gates headlong and decided to produce hundreds of Bill Gates from the Local Government Area through practical hands-on training of Information and Communication Technology programs at the ICT Facility provided by the Local Government.

This is in direct response to Gates demand on Nigeria's government to invest majorly on her people through human capital development and the best place to start is with the youths and students. It is worthy of note that the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, started his facebook conglomerate while in high school and he is now amongst the top 5 richest men in the world. Moreso, Zuckerberg manages over 2billion users on facebook.

It is worthy to note that the youth body has ridden over the days of seeking fishes from politicians and sitting by begging for handouts from parents to self development and capcity enhancement.

The over 200 students registered for this training that would last three months are expected to graduate becoming  the best in their chosen field of expertise and provide global solutions afterwards.

Such gestures should be emulated by all government bodies both at the state and Federal levels to rid our society of unemployed youths and students roaming the streets while awaiting admission in the higher institution.

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