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Oja ti burst: Slaymama runs mad after being dropped from a car, allegedly delivered by pastor [Full details]

A2Bers, Cars are increasing as Girls are decreasing, this is the key point to this News, it serves to inform our various slay queens and slay mama of the dangers out there.

We(at A2satBlog) received the information about a slay mama who allegedly ran mad at imo state after being dropped by a vehicle recently so we decided to gather more details on it.

We've received various WhatsApp status revealing graphics photo of the incident from some of our sources and it was later confirmed that she later got healed after being taken to a Cleric.

Additional info about the incident was reported by KFB;
Since time immemorial, young ladies have been warned to be weary of car-owned young men who live lavish lifestyle at the expense of the destiny or life of the girls they spend their money on

An obnoxious scenario played out at Ikenegbu area of Owerri in Imo state, after a yet-to-be identified Slaymama who was dropped from a venza car ran mad, shouting Chijioke whilst naked.

Upon being found and rescued , the lady was taken to a cleric who allegedly delivered her

A video clip as well as photos of her taken while she was naked in her previous condition has been released online by a social media user identified as Chris Wells OG
Chris who shared the video capturing the healed lady clapping and singing in the church, captioned the post;

“Glory be to God.The Slay queen that went mad @ Ikenegbu Owerri has been delivered. Indeed prayer is the key”

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