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Story Time: MEANT TO BE By Ajagbe Ayodeji (Final Episode)

Title: Meant To Be

Author: Ajagbe Ayodeji (Timmy Turner)

Episode 9

Grace was a girl you would love from 15 miles away except you're gay but don't argue that.  She is beautiful and sexy enough to make a gay nigga fall in love . She was of a perfect height; not too tall, not too short. She was fair and spotless.  Her shape was that of the hourglass. Fridays at school was always considered not different from Saturdays. Lectures hardly hold. I sat on a chair in the class,  I brought out my magical ink and jotter, I wanted to write something maybe a love poem, romance story or probably rants, I didn't know but I knew God would lead me. 

As I sat down thinking about what to write,  I saw Grace from afar walking towards the front door of the lecture theatre.  I waved at her so that she can come over. We had met couple of times after the first time Favour introduced her to me.  She came over to  where I was sitting,  she was dressed in a black skinny jean trouser with a white singlet on her. She wore a wore a white long sleeve shirt on her singlet. Her hairs were partly covered with a turban as the ones at the front ran down a part of her face thus covering her right eye. Her face shone like the Saturday's morning sun, in summary she's a wow! 

I had developed a  love feeling for Grace since I first set my eyes on her.  Honestly,  I don't have any Feelings For Favour this moment but there's nothing I can do since she claimed to love me.  I have to develop the feeling. I had called my brother a day before to ask for  double dating relationship tips.  He had advised me to be a player.  I won't forgive myself if I lose grace to another guy so I took the step of faith of asking her out that day knowing fully well that she's Favour's best friend.

Grace finally got to where I was sitting,  she had engaged in a conversation with some of her friends when she was coming.  "Hi Grace,  Good morning dear" I said with a shaky voice.  "Good morning Ayo" she said as I moved to  the vacant seat beside me so that there will be a space for her to seat.

She sat down beside me and I've concluded at that very moment that I'll ask her out.  Delay is dangerous, I said to myself.  "Ermmm Grace,  I'm hoping we can just go beyond this just friends relationship" I said while holding her hands gently.  She gave this feminine laugh that warmed my heart. It made her more beautiful.
"so where should we now go beyond just friends"? She asked. 
"well,  I'd love to have your heart and attention and besides I don't think you have a lover now,  do you"? I asked
"well, right. I don't have one" she replied smiling.  "and for my heart,  I don't think I can spare it" she concluded.
I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I've started already and nothing's gonna make me back off.  "well,  I don't necessarily need everything,  you can keep the part that pumps blood and all,  I just need the emotional part of it" I said with a smile while still keeping eye contact.  She laughed and tilted her head and looked at me with the most charming smile I've ever seen in my whole life.  I moved closer to her with my hands on her,  I was about to tell her all she needed to know about me when my phone rang.  I checked the caller,  it was my roommate , George. I picked the call
"Hello" I said with a frown
"Hello Ayodeji,  come home right now" George said and hastily dropped the call.

I slid my phone back to my pocket and packed all my books and arranged it in my bag. I look at Grace again,  her glowing light skin made me so weak. I felt like I was melting away like a candle.  She looked at me and asked  "Leaving already"
"yes, my roommate just called me" I replied.  "so I guess we'd meet in our next class on Monday" I said and moved close to her.  I pecked her then  stood up to observe the shock on her face which she later broke into a smile.  I smiled in return and walked towards the exit door.

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