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Story Time: MEANT TO BE By Ajagbe Ayodeji [Episode 2]

Title: Meant To Be

Author: Ajagbe Ayodeji David (Timmy Turner)

Genre: Prose  (Fiction)

Episode: 2
I'm a bonafide student of the better by far university, things have been so easy since I moved from Ibadan to Ilorin the cost of life living is so high especially in my school, you queue up for everything, you queue up t enter a bus , you queue up to leave of from the bus, you queue up to see the level advicer ,you queue up to see the faculty officer, you queue up to enter the class and receive lectures ,you As a matter of fact,now you queue up to face take(expulsion). So we the good student have devised a way of not queueing up for anything, what we do is quite simple we queue jump(shaunt). When the queue is unbearable, we mNow  from our lines and go to the front,we zone all the faces if we see someone with a calm face we queue jump! Only two words and one action "bros abeg" then use the hand hoist am for back and enter the line, if Bros no wan gree, just look am for face with that pathetic-cute look, bros go do normal straight straight. O sha pran pran (lol) issa hoeshozondi something. Now back to my story ,as I have earlier said my name is Ayodeji but people call .e Timmy Turner I just moved to Ilorin recently and I have been staying with a friend Adebayo by name since I don't have a room yet, I have to squat with him till I got my apartment.
I resumed school (unilorin) on the 19th of January and I started lectures immediately , As a fresher finding my way to the lectures too. Wasn't an easy one, I began dey waka like person who wan die. It was cold Friday morning and it was practically cold, the atmosphere was really cool. I managed to pass through the tinny door that lead to my department . I got to my department and I saw a girl  of my age probably a fresher student. She sat on the concrete chair at the front of the LA's office. I'm really a shy person i don't really like talking to girls too but I had no choice, I had to start a conservation with her .'Good morning, ma' I said lowering my head, 'Good morning sir' she said ; no need for any other formal introduction, I went straight to the point without beating around the bush ,pls,can you give me the direction to New science lecture theatre 2? "Oh!" She stood up held me by my wrist and we walked towards the door. "See", she said pointing at a huge building, "that's the E-library, , there's a road beside it, it leads to the Geology Lecture Theatre (GLT), when you face that theatre, look at the last building before you, it is NSLT2. "Okay  thanks", I said "you're welcome", she replied. " I'm Ayodeji, I said smiling at her", I stretched my hands towards her, she shook my hand and said "I know you nah, are you not Timmy Turner ni?" I was shocked! "How did you know", I asked? "We do chat on WhatsApp, I'm Ayokanmi". " Ooooh" I said scratching my head. We are I'm the same department. I prepared to take my leave, time is running out. I promised to give her a call once I finish class for that day. I started walking to the theatre and sometimes I break into a run.

I got to the lecture theater and to my utmost surprise, the hall had been occupied by students and the seats have been occupied too. Some were even sitting on the floor, a lot were standing behind the class. I turned around to go out and think of what to do. I bumped unto a girl, her books fell off her hands and her phone fell. I thought she will be mad at me but instead, she smiled. "I'm sorry". I said with tears almost dropping from my eyes. "It's okay, she replied". I bent down to pick the books, she bent down too and we picked the books together. I arranged the books orderly and gave it back to her. " Here's your phone " I said, handing her infinix model phone to her. "I'm favour, what about you?" She asked, "emmm" I said stammering' "my name is Ayodeji". "Oh, okay, you have a nice name" she said. "Thank you" I said smiling. "So what department are you"? She asked leaning towards the wall. "Plant Biology" I said. "Wow, I'm in plant biology too" she replied.

I hadn't checked her face since the incident happened. I managed to give a gaze at her from head to toe. "She's awesome" I said to myself. She has a well braided hair and they were well packed too. She's dark, slim and fairly tall (an average height). She has a neat and well set teeth. She wore a colour wine T-shirt and a black skirt not beyond her knees. She wore a big ear ring, bigger than her own ears, one I could put my hand inside. She looked at me, I started looking down like I was looking for something. "Ayo" she called suddenly with her angelic voice. "Let's go there" she said pointing to a corner of the hall. I think there's a space there. I took my bag and hung it on my shoulder, she was leading while I followed her closely. I ensured that no que jump (shunting) took place during the period of the walk. We got there and we say near each other, I had borrowed someone's note, so I ceased the opportunity to go through it.

To be continued...

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, Names, Characters, Business, Places, Events, Locales and Incident are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictous manner. Any resemblance to actual persons Living or Dead or Actual Event is purely coincidental

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