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Agbako: 'My breasts want to kill me, they are too heavy' - Busty Nigerian lady cries out (Photos)

A busty Nigerian lady, Violent J, is suffering serious pains as a result of her gigantic boobs and she's crying out for help.

Narrating her ordeal, the worried mother told BBC Pidgin, that she almost got suffocated by her own breast while she was sleeping one night.

She said: "One day dis breast nearly kill me. Wen I dey sleep I see say something dey press me, I say wetin dey press me?. I no know say na my breast. E don reach my neck dey heavy me, dey press me as if e wan kill me, I nearly suffocate. I come say Jesus! come stand up."

She continued: "Since den I no fit sleep with my back, now I dey sleep wit my side. Even when I carry belle, I dey sleep wit my side, I go push di breast go one corner.

"After when I born the pikin, the breast no be here, milk I no see inside. E come dey give me unnecessary problem.  As I dey talk now, the tin dey heavy me."

"Some people their breast big, but e light. But my own no dey light, e dey very big.  I dey sew my bra, I no dey fit buy bra for market. If I wear cloth wey tight me, you go see d breast (gbujum) everybody go say madam na only you carry dis breast? boys go talk anyhow, you go dey shame."

According to Violent J, all she needs now is money to have breast reduction surgery.

She said: "Di only solution wey I dey think now na to find money go find way to reduce di breast."

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