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Gbem: Tboss ridicules man who told her to go and marry

Earlier today, Tboss reortedly ridicled a young man who asked her to go and get married. Drama ensued when the 34 year old lady, like other Nigerians commented on Prince Harry’s royal wedding.

Tboss who stated that she would have given up anything to attend the wedding, wished them well and used them as a point of contact in her prayer for true love

In her words;
I’ld have given any and EVERYTHING to be at the #royal wedding of Harry and Meghan Markle…All the same, What a beautiful love story. Even the weather is in accordance with them. Dear Lord, may i also find such #True Love

A follower took to the comment session and wrote;
Go and marry also so that we would also crave to attend your wedding also

Perplexed at the comment of the follower, a fan replied him saying;
Did you read what she wrote…oya go and marry her na mumu

Tboss proceeded to ridicle him as she posted;
I rebuke you in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ! If this is the only male available, i refuse to marry! This one with his flat face, sideways mouth and 3 strands of beards

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