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Gobè: Davido gets dragged into cult clashes, served death threats

It is possible that all is not well in Davido’s camp as he has recently been dragged into South Africa’s cult clashes

A chief butcher of a cult group in South Africa has been murdered in cold blood and some cult members have taken to his social media page to drop “RIP”messages.

This development led to a conversation and shocking revelations about Davido which he might not recover from in a long time

It appears that the popular singer has had negative history and a current relationship with a cult group identified as Black Axe.

The conversation between two members of a different cult group reveal that Davido is responsible for a hit which led to the death of someone prior to this time

Davido was dragged into the conversation, owing to the fact that the deceased has once done a dirty job for him

The revelation also involved a death threat to the singer


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