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Lmao: Checkout Hillarious reactions of Nigerians to Linda Ikeji’s pregnancy, Especially that of Don Jazzy [Screenshots]

Nigerians are just so extra and savage all at the same time. Quite a number of people have reacted so fast to the recent buzz on the internet after renowned blogger, Linda Ikeji officially announced her pregnancy

Most of her fans though excited that she is due to be a mother soon, at the age of 40, they remain unconsoled and have expressed their shock at the blogger who appears to have double standards

Just a few weeks back, she shared a raunch photo of herself by the pool side in her mansion and was acceepted by all despite the fact that the photo spoke against what she is known to preach

With the recent news of her pregnancy, Nigerians are beginning to feel fooled as it reveals that the swim suit photo was not a recent photo of her.

Most female fans of the entrepreneur have blasted her for being an advocate of celibacy, only to shock them with the news of expecting a son to pop out of her soonest

This great news has prompted so many hillarious memes and comments and we have managed to produce only but a few.

Check out people’s reactions here;

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