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Story Time: MEANT TO BE By Ajagbe Ayodeji [Episode 12]

Title: Meant To Be*

Author: Ajagbe Ayodeji (Timmy Turner)

Episode: 12

My phone rang and I picked it.  Favour was on the line.
"Ayodeji,  I think I've forgotten my dairy when I  came to your hostel" I looked around and saw it where we both sat on the mattress. "Yeah,  it is here" I said while picking it up. "Okay, I'm coming for it right away" she hung up. I had to rearrange the room immediately because we've scattered everything while we were playing that rough play. 😉

While I was busy keeping the room in shape I heard a faint knock on my door. "Favour's here" I said to myself while walking towards the door.  I opened the door standing right before me was my charming and sexy Grace.

She ran towards me and gave me gave me a tight hug. We embraced each other so tightly that even the air between us was suffocating. It's been long since I saw her,  we only chat on WhatsApp and sometimes via live video. She has been attending tutorial classes after school so she had a tight schedule every day,  even on weekends.

I pecked her and  carried her in.  I'm a skinny guy,  it is a difficult thing for me to lift a 12kg gas but this time I don't know where the super power came from.  I carried Grace, if I'm not mistaken,  she should weigh nothing less than 65kg.
I carried her and dropped her on the bed gently because her whole body reads 'handle with care'

I was happy and sad at the same time because Favour called me few minutes ago; she's coming to get her diary.  I was thinking of how to avert the disaster that  was looming.

Should  I take Grace to Hamza's room to stay there for the main time till I finish with Favour? Nah!  I don't trust that boy,  he's a player. I've caught him with Fathia maybe once or  twice.
What about Gabriel?  He's a player too just like Hamza
What about Esther? That one will be preaching to her about marriage and kingdom of God.

So what can I do? I asked myself. I looked at her face again,  it is more charming than ever she's bright just like the morning sun. I pulled her closer,  I kissed her.  She put her arms round my neck and her legs on my thigh.  She rested her head on  my shoulder. We started cuddling I felt like I was in heaven. I felt so relaxed that I totally forgot about Favour.  The chemistry was there and I  wasn't going to let anything destroy my precious moment. I kissed her practically like how they do it in those PH videos. I licked her thighs clean.  I wish I could do more but I was running out of idea.  She was so sweet  that I wanted to sample every part of her body.  I remembered that she was a virgin so I had to  be cautious of my actions. The respect and trust I had for her increased and I cherished her more.

I had made my decision to love them both without making any unnecessary demands from them.  It wasn't easy being in love with two virgin sweethearts.  The more I thought about whom I loved the most,  the more I become confused.  My phone started ringing but I wasn't going to be distracted I flung it away and continued with my romance with Grace.

We were so engrossed with the affair that we didn't even notice when Favour walked in.  She just stood up,  looking at us like she couldn't see us. I was caught red handed and there was no way to get myself out of the mess. I was at the verge of losing two valuable ladies in my life.  To my surprise,  Favour didn't freak out,  she only stood at the same spot and continued staring at us.  I had gotten up from Grace and sat on the bed. Grace had innocently gotten up from the bed too ignorant of what's going on. She doesn't know that I'm having an affair with her friend Favour.
"Hi" Grace said waving her hands to Favour.
"Hello" Favour replied and smirked
"I just came to take my diary, you can continue with what you're doing" she added.

She left the room immediately. Grace dropped her head on my shoulder.  "Erm,  please excuse" I said to Grace, "let me return her jotter" 
"alright,  no problem" Grace said.  I took my Manchester United Jersey and wore it.  I ran blindly to Favour's hostel not minding the long distance.

I met Favour in her room,  lying on her mattress with her face filled with a bowl of tears that weren't flowing.  Immediately,  I went on my kneels soberly.  I held her hand
"Favour,  I don't know what to say" I sniffed with tears in my eyes "I am sorry for what I did. Favour,  I love you and I never meant to break your heart and attention the same time,  I am not denying my love for Grace or call it a mistake" I said sympathetically.
She stood up and kissed me with tears still in her eyes. She poured the whole tears on me, my shirt was soaked it was like all the waters in the ocean were poured on me. Just then Grace came in  again.  It was then I  understood the meaning of Double Wahala Oritse Femi sang about. It seems as if I'm to pay  for all the sins I've committed that day.  "Timmy Turner!!!" she called and opened her mouth in shock. She faced Favour,  "Are you two together?" Favour nodded her in affirmation  "okay, fine" Grace said as she startled
"Ayodeji,  I just came to tell you that I'm going back to my hostel". She opened the door and went away. I wanted to follow her, I took few steps and I was deep rooted on the same spot.  I faced Favour,  she was weeping helplessly. She walked towards me and gave me two neat hot slaps.

Immediately,  it seems as if I could hear my village people singing a song of victory like the 'hallelujah chorus' . I wanted the ground to open it's mouth and swallow me but nothing of such happened.  Favour came closer to me,  still crying,  she hugged me tightly this time,  we are like that  for about thirty minutes.

we did not do any other thing aside weeping.  I prayed to God that this should turn out to one of my wildest dreams but my prayers were never answered.  I lowered my head and cried again.

Favour broke the relationship with me that day. I betrayed her love and it was more than what  she could take.  Grace doesn't even want to see me anymore she had cried the day I visited her to make things work again. She ran out the room when she couldn't stand my sight. I ran to meet meet her and I caught up with her on the road. I knelt down before her   before a few number of peoples.

She looked beautiful more than ever.  She looked angelic and I fell in love with her even more.  I kept making the same mistake I made earlier.  I was begging both of them.  I came back to my senses I realized that I don't need to beg Favour again to continue our relationship,  all I need is to make peace with her and then go after my heart Grace.  So I decided to do something stupid for love.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, Names, Characters, Business, Places, Events, Locales and Incident are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictous manner. Any resemblance to actual persons Living or Dead or Actual Event is purely coincidental

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