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Medical Expertise come closer: Checkout a Strange Baby born with gigantic tumor on his head in Cross Rivers state, nurse shares her experience delivering the baby [Graphic Photo]

A baby was born with a gigantic tumor on his head, leaving medical personnel in shock in Ogoja, Cross Rivers state.

The baby, who was born in the middle of the night, had a tumour the size of a football and is almost twice the size of the baby's head.

The nurse who assisted in the delivery shared the story on Facebook, saying that she almost ran away when she saw the head of the baby coming out. Thankfully, both baby and mother are alive and doing fine.

Louisa Ushie wrote: "My night duty this time was an awful experience. #Thisisinfant2live.
I almost ran away when I saw it coming.
But ETHICS held me back.
This is a life experience, I may never see such condition again.
All thanks be to God.
The delivery was successful.
Mother and baby are doing good."

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