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Oja ti burst: Miracle’s alleged girlfriend accuses him of snubbing her on IG

A beautiful young lady claiming to be Miracle’s girlfriend has expressed her pain and disappointment as she claimed the young millionaire has abandoned her. The lady who has been identified by her Instagram handle, _nekky_01 took to the social media platform to publicly lament to the fact that Miracle has abandoned her despite all she has been through and done for him

Up until now, the only heart throb Miracle claimed to have is his fellow wx house,ate, Nina. A concerned fan who was shocked at the latest development proceeded to ask her if she was joking.

Here is what she wrote;
“Its gotten to the extent that you don’t reply me again because i am now your supposed ex, after everything i did for you all the sacrifices i made for you”

The comment of the concerned fan read

“lolz…is this a joke or what, do you know him personally”

She then replied;
“I am not joking”

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