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Heartwarming/Heartbreaking: APC Wins Osun Rerun Election With Wide Margin [Results]

The All Progressives Congress (APC ) has won the Osun state rerun elections carried out in seven polling units in the state on Thursday , 27 th September 2018.

The APC won the rerun election with a margin of 835 votes by pulling a total votes of 1 , 160 as against the PDP 325 votes.

The APC won the elections in all the four local governments where the rerun took place . In Osogbo Local Government, the APC pulled 299 votes while the PDP had 165 votes. The APC also had 280 votes while the PDP had 122 votes in Orolu Local Government .

APC recorded a landslide vctory in both Ife south and Ife north local governments. In Ife south Local Government, APC had 455 votes as against the PDP’ s 36 votes and in Ife north Local Government, APC pulled 126 votes while the PDP had just two votes

Based on this result , the total number of votes accrued by the APC amount to 255 , 505 while the PDP garnered a total vote of 255 , 024 . There have however been mixed reactions among supporters of both political parties .

Expectedly , supporters of the APC are rejoicing while the supporters of the People ’ s Democratic Party have expressed disappointment as regards the conduct of the elections . The PDP ’ s governorship candidate also described the election as a coup and has suggested that he would not succumb to the outcome of the results of the rerun election.

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