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Team Sango: 5 Renowned Weed Smokers In The Nigerian Music Industry (No.1 is your MCM)

Many of our Nigerian artistes have resorted to weed smoking (marijuana), as a form of inspiration while some just do it for fun. Well here is a list of top five smoker in the Nigeria music industry that can’t do without smoking in the studio, on set and in videos.

Wizkid is one of the Nigerian artiste that finds it easy to show off his smoking habits to the general public as he has posted lots of pictures of himself smoking in studio session and off recording. The singer allegedly had smoking health issues (Looking lean & old at times) due to his excessive smoking habit, that at some point he had to cancel some shows as his doctors advice.

This particular artiste doesn’t bother to hide his smoking habits as he even sings about it on his songs, his love for weed had him title one of his song ‘ smoke some weed’. Also on one of his popular song Streets of Africa his most repeated line was ‘ that is why i smoke smoke smoke’, even on his last official video ‘ Ye‘ he got weed all over as he used smoke to introduce his name (dope one tho), which has made many to concluded that Burna Boy gets his inspiration from weed (Marijuana) as he has even associated himself with Fela.

Though the YBNL boss doesn’t really show off his weed smoking skills on social media but he once posted a picture of him smoking a “claro” at polo club in Lagos . He has also been attacked so many times for some of his songs like “WO”, “SCIENCE STUDENT” and others which seems to be promoting drugs/weeds. Apparently, Baddo has been on weed smokers list majorly because of his songs and his entourage.

The DMW boss who is one of Nigeria’s biggest music export has been classified as the baddest as he no longer hides his smoking side, even on his social media you get to see him and squad with wraps and lighter as he sees nothing wrong in smoking even in the public. Davido is one artiste that doesn’t whatever he likes at any point, Lighter and wrap is an easy access for the pop star as he freestyles.

Wande Coal the Black Diamond is one artist we can’t miss out on in this post has there are lots of rumours surrounding the talented act about him been addict to weed smoking. There was a time in his early career after his first album when he was out of music for a while and news came up that he got to addicted to weed which landed him into rehabilitation, he even had a song to clear the doubt (Go Low & Been long). Wande Coal ‘s tiny eyes and him on shades most of the time is something that will keep landing him on the smokers list.

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