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Birth Flicks: Meet the Best Tennis Player in College Of Health Sciences, Abdulaziz Alex as He adds a new Age Today

Dear A2Bers, as promised last month, we've successfully launched another Segment on our Platform and this time to celebrate you and your loved ones especially on their Birthdays and it's tagged "Birth Flicks".

On this Segment we would be Interviewing or uploading facts about interested Celebrants.

Today we bring you Mr. Abdulaziz Alex, who's currently the Best Tennis Player in the College Of Health Sciences, Osun State University. Enjoy!

Please introduce yourself
My name; is Abdulaziz Alex popularly known as Alex of God. (AOG)

Which Institution are you attending
Osun State University

Your Department?
Community Medicine

Are you are football fan?
Yes of course. I'm a die hard Barcelona fan.

Interesting! So, What's your Favourite sport?
Tennis; Presently i'm the best tennis player in the college of health sciences Osun state University. (defending Champion) since  2017

So what are your Interests?
Politics & Science. I'm a political analyst, activist and a prolific writer.

Really? Tell us more about that
Some of my yet unpublished books includes:
1.The Four Moons
2. The tails of revenge
3. The truth &lies, the reminisce of the Nigeria society.

Wow, So in a short sentence, answer the Question  "Who are You?"
I don't think like everybody. I see everything differently from the way everybody does.

What do you do apart from Academics?
In August 2016 I lunched a media group which later came in lime light in the late 2017 "VirusmediaInc" which of course centered on Politics & Lifestyle.

Great! How can people reach out to you?
They can follow me up on my Twitter handle: @realvirusmedia

What's your final note?
I've never believed in impossibilities at same time I don't encourage laziness.
My mind is my power house. Take it away from me and I'm nothing.

Finally, what's Your Favourite quote?
"Always Smile".

Ok, it's nice having you here, we all at A2SATSBLOG wish you a Happy Birthday
Thank you

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