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Everywhere WAR: Cardi B Blows Hot, Replies Nicki Minaj in 10-Post Instagram Rant [Full Clip]

Cardi B blows hot as she replies Nicki Minaj comments on Queen Radio in 10 -post Instagram rant.

Cardi B has addressed all Nicki said starting from their altercation at NYFW , refuting her claims on ‘ Motorsports‘ controversy and much more.

Cardi B speaking on their brawl at NYFW, responding to Nicki Minaj’ s $ 100 K offer for footage of their altercation at Harper’ s Bazaar ICONS Party , Cardi questioned the validity of Nicki Minaj ’ s narrative surrounding the altercation.

“ You lie so much you can’ t even keep up with your lies , ” Cardi said in the first video .

Cardi went on to revealed she , not Atlantic, requested Nicki Minaj to change her verse on ‘Motorsports’ , a song by Migos featuring both of them .

The reason being that Cardi felt Nicki was trying to shade her when she seemingly implied that the Queen rapper was Cardi ’ s “ coach ” and was superior to her . Cardi also said that throughout all of their feud before the NYFW altercation, Nicki could ’ ve called her , but instead aired out her issues on Zane Lowe ’ s Beats 1 show .

After sharing the 10 - post rant on Instagram, Cardi then shared a screenshot of “ Krippy Kush ” producer,
Rvssian explaining the real reason why
21 Savage couldn ’ t make the song ’ s video shoot which completely rubbishes Nicki Minaj’ s claim.

To round it up on a high note, Cardi B also threw a bit of shade by revealing that she ’ s been the highest- selling female rapper in the past two years.

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