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Gbam: Davido describes Small Doctor as a 'Legend' for telling President Buhari face-to-face to stop sleeping While performing at APC Convention [Video + Reactions]

This weekend, during the APC convention that held in Abuja, street pop star, Small Doctor was one of the musicians who performed at the event.

While performing his smash hit song 'Penalty', Small Doctor inserted President Buhari's name into the lyrics and said, ' Buhari, Ye ma sun' which translates to 'President Buhari, stop sleeping'.

Video of the performance immediately went viral on social media with several people applauding Small Doctor for his brave feat including Davido who has decribed him as a 'legend'.

See the video and social media reactions below...

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Your a legend @iam_smalldoctor ma sun!!
4:53 PM - Oct 7, 2018
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Ayodeji Ajayi
The funniest thing I’ve seen today is t small doctor’s video singing to ur PresiDENt .. Buhari Ye Masun , perso wey don de sleep since 2015
1:57 PM - Oct 7, 2018
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Small doctor told Buhari “ Buhari ye masun” lmao. Imagine subbing a whole president. The audacity of the gangst stan an icon.
10:52 AM - Oct 7, 2018 · Abuja, Niger
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OG New Ting
Lmfaoooo ,
this clip will forever remain importan long as buhari is in power, after whic will be sent to archives of classic moments.
Small Doctor, Legend.

JAGS @EtniesJags
Look at Buhari’s reaction when Sm Doctor told him “Ye Masun”
6:27 AM - Oct 8, 2018
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Small doctor the nigga with the biggest balls in da music industry. "Buhari, ye ma sun"
10:46 AM - Oct 7, 2018
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Small Doctor escaping from Buhari & Osibanjo, after the show pic.twitter.cnG8uMMVs7Z
11:41 AM - Oct 7, 2018
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JAGS @EtniesJags · Oc
Look at Buhari’s reactio Small Doctor told him “ Masun” pic.twittdzCwAVnnCw

I felt it when Small Doctor said Buhar ma sun gba ko je #APCNationalConvention
11:42 PM - Oct 6, 2018

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