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Gobé: The Moment Yemi Alade’s Mum , Helen Uzoma Gets Drunk & Fights dirty In Beer Parlour [Full Gist]

Helen Uzoma , Yemi Alade ’s mother got drunk and fought in a beer parlour which location was not revealed , according to a Facebook user , Ikem Okuhu .

According to Ikem , the commotion started when Helen asked the DJ to play her daughter ’ s song and the DJ responded that he had none of Yemi ’ s songs.

According to the story , was revealed that Helen ’ s mother is a regular at the bar and causes trouble at the bar regularly it doesn ’ t seem new to anyone , so no one intervenes when she starts her bitter rantings .

The post reads ;
“ Yemi Alade, if what I am witnessing here is anything to go by, then you have a lot to do about this woman they said is your mother . Na wa o !”

“ Still on Yemi Alade
“ So I walked into this pub in this city for a bottle or two and then have the chance to watch the Tottenham /Man City match in that environment where we men love to watch ball games .

“ Tame “ toosh” joint o ! And as soon as the alluring aroma of Jollof Rice wafted through the pervasive smell and smoke from the suya Mallam nearby , I remembered I was also hungry and ordered for a plate .

“ Just one scoop and the screaming started . Because it was a lady’ s voice bursting her lungs in head-breaking English , I lifted myself off my seat for a better view.

“ Light complexioned , quite busty even for a woman of her age and garbed in blue gown, she screamed and banged the bar table , threatening the bottles, the beers and the glasses protecting the “ holy” contents .

“ Look ! You don ’ t know me! I say you don ’ t know me at all!!! I am a barrack girl o ! I am a barrack girl !!! My madness no get cure if I start to dey crase o !”

“ I just cannot remember all . And she went on for more than an hour . Sad thing was no one bothered to respond to her . No one, except an unfortunate bartender that tried to explain whatever was the reason for the tiff .

“ And then the fight started . She immediately pounced on him , forcing him to retreat behind a door .

“ I had to ask the lady attending to me who she was and to my shock , she informed me this screaming woman was the mother of Yemi Alade , the “ Johnny ” crooner .

“ Not seen such irresponsibility in a long time . All the people on her table had to keep quiet, then depart one by one.

“ I got told she ’ s a regular at that pub .

“ When she was done painting the place with expletives, she called a cab . The red Nissan Primera 1986 model drove in and then another fight. It happened that while waiting for her , another car had come in and made the mistake of parking behind .

“ Madam began to bleat and howl and shriek again . Then the car owner emerged and made way .

“ Madam drove off , returned about 5 minutes later in the same cab, sat in the front passenger seat and continued shouting her anger at everyone and no one.

“ And so I asked who got her so annoyed?

“ It had happened that after her entry and a few bottles, she had asked the DJ to play her daughter ’ s song(s ). Proud mother wanted everybody to know she was the mother of that velvet - voiced singer.

“ But the DJ had responded that he didn ’ t have Yemi Alade’ s songs on his playlist.

“ It ’ s not something you want to witness. She looked every inch like she was a troubled woman . The type that needs Yemi to spend some of her monies to better take care of …

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