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Hot STEW: Korede Bello Speaks on Wizkid’ s ‘Fever ’ Video & Career

Korede Bello has revealed he is even getting free publicity from Wizkid’s controversial ‘ Fever ’ video featuring
Tiwa Savage.

“ I don ’ t mind the free publicity I get from the video based on association (the same record company ) with Tiwa Savage . To be honest with you , they are two consenting adults and they are entertainers . They are in the show business and it doesn ’ t matter if it (their romance ) is real or not . They are getting the numbers; the video had over one million views within 24 hours . I feel sometimes Nigerians get too emotional about certain things, ” Korede Bello said on radio .

On his career , Korede said he had to take a nap from music to re - evaluate his life ;
“ I just took a nap , to be honest . I went into my room and I took a long needed nap . I had been ‘overthinking’ and I needed to clear my head. At some point , I was climbing and happy but didn ’ t know why I was climbing . I just lost sight of the reason I was doing certain things . I will say I got blinded by the spotlight . When you are in the spotlight , you don ’ t see anyone else and it is delusional. At times , you have to step out of the spotlight and see people who are watching you .”

He, however, said he had no regrets, insisting that everything that had happened to him was for a reason and as a result of choices he made at certain times .

“ There will always be something you would wish you did better , but you cannot change the past. I only look back to motivate myself and I understand that my decision today affects tomorrow , ” Bello said .
Speaking on hate comments he gets on social media, Korede admitted he felt bad always that people could attack a peaceful person like him.

He said ,
“ It is a touchy one , but I am optimistic by nature. Human nature is designed in a way that we see negative things quicker than positive things . Of course , there was a time hate comments made me feel terrible . But now, I just count my blessings and try to appreciate every positive comment . At a time, I didn ’ t understand why someone would say something bad to me because I am peaceful . No matter how perfect you are , people will always attack you .”

Bello also rubbished claims that he had left Don Jazzy’ s Mavin Records, saying people only came to such a conclusion because he had been quiet for a while

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