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Ahh: Hulk Hogan might still fight Again [See Why]

Nick Hogan, son of famous veteran wrestling legend, Hulk Hogan has revealed that his father who has been an icon in the wrestling game for over 40 years, will never retire from wrestling.

Speaking with TMZ Sports at LAX recently, Hogan junior declared that the 65 year old WWE Hall of Famer will never retire from the sport he loves.

In his words;
“He always says he loves it. He loves training. He loves the wrestling business. It runs too deep in his blood. I don’t think he’ll ever quit,”

Hulk just made his return to WWE after being fired in 2015 appearing at the ‘Crown Jewel’ event in Saudi Arabia, and you could tell he was back in his element.

Nick Hogan added that he’s still impressed with his dad’s athletic ability and physical appearance. He said;

“Everybody thinks it’s a joke, but he’s still over 6’5 and over 300 pounds, he’s just a monster, and he’s strong. It’s just insane.”

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