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Awwn: Paul Okoye’s Wife , Anita Celebrates 30th Birthday with Mouth-watering picture and Emotional write-up [Check Here]

Its Anita Okoye ’s birthday today and we love her sizzling photos !
Anita, the wife of Paul Okoye of the defunct Psquare group , is 30 today .

She shared dazzling photos and penned down a message that details her journey and achievements in life .

Her husband also took to social media to celebrate her with a sweet note and a photo of her .

See his note:
‘ Happy lovely and a massive 30 th birthday to my lovely wife @ anita _okoye 🍾 A .k .a # mamaejima#ifunanya # beautifulonyinye # nkenjikeke you are truly a blessing in disguise 🙏 may God bless your new age love
love love you plenty you are my everything there ’ s no one like you ’

See Anita’ s powerful message after the photo
“ I ’ m 30 ! Wow ! I have much to be grateful for …God has allowed me to achieve so much …He allowed me to complete my law degree , blessed me with my husband and our three healthy children…I am still pinching myself every time I look at my kids # RainbowBabies # ThankYouLord. He blessed me with courage to become an author # TheABCsOfAfrica and start new amazing projects…some are still marinating and cooking # Shh # GreatThingsTakeTime # TheCashewAppleProject
My internal journey to 30 is where I ’ m the most proud …learning to grow from being a people pleaser to making choices for the greater good , despite risking being misunderstood . In my 20 ’ s , I learned that setbacks are just detours that help you reach excellence if you are brave enough to face them . I learned to focus on being a better person every day by facing my mistakes as well as building my strengths and sharing my gifts . I learned that making a difference starts with being true to yourself .”
There ’ s a really great quote that comes to mind as I reflect on my journey and here it is : “ I used to walk into a room full of people and wonder if they liked me. Now I look around and wonder if I like them . ” Cheers to determination, fearlessness and authenticity. Cheers to being true. Cheers to growing . Cheers to love . Cheers to family and friends. Cheers to THIRTY ! # ThankGod # ForeverGrateful #AnitaXXX # GrownFolks # AnitaOkoyeAt30 ”

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