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EeeGbaga: All You should know about the Upcoming UNIOSUN Writers Competition with Whooping Sum of Cash to be Won [Details]

The idea is to bring the gods of writeups and long epistles away from WhatsApp group chats and Facebook, stand them up against each other in three rounds (articles, story telling, public speaking) for something big and make the world see them.

The best of the best only, would get crowned come January 26. The grand finale and prize giving event.

The Event would kick off next Month, December 2018.

This won't be one of those competitions where the winners win 10 thousand or twenty thousand.

This is going to be bigger and much better than that. Something UNIOSUN has never seen before.

We want to appreciate talent. Make creative talent know that it has a place in a society of entertainment and shaku shaku music.

I won't say much.

Call +2348132398894 now for more details, adverts placement and sponsorship.

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