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Gbese re o: Indonesian teenagers are a Step ahead, they're now boiling used sanitary pads to get high

Teens in Indonesia have found a strange way to get high by taking to boiling sanitary products in water and drinking the fluid in order to get high, Straits Times reports.

Many children are reportedly taking to this bizarre way to try and get a buzz. Several police forces in Indonesia have reported numerous cases of this bizarre practice.

The children all face a chance of being infected, given how unhygienic the whole process is. .
It has been reported that once they boil sanitary products such as used tampons and sanitary pads and drink the liquid, the users gets high and feels like they are flying. .
People have also reported that the mixture can cause hallucinations. A representative from the National Narcotics Agency, the presence of chlorine in the mixture is what causes the high and gives the user the reported effects.

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