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LEAKED: M.Care and Flykid soon to be caught doing this [Must Read]

After the release of the 84bar hardcore rap single 'Wicked Rapper ' by M.Care, sources have claimed that its possible a collaboration comes between him and Flykid.

Recently, Flykid just dropped the  music video of 'E go Be' the song which touches the heart of the listeners.

Knowing that the favorite artist of M.Care in UNIOSUN is Flykid, it was also discovered that Flykid also love the latest jam of M.Care, 'Wicked rapper' and a kind of closeness has been noticed between them in few days.

When M.Care was discussing with friends, he said. 'If I'll feature an artist in UNIOSUN. it'll definitely be Flykid'

M.Care was also caught making calls with his Producer about a track to come which is a collaboration.

So, Facts gathered predicts that it's likely a collaboration comes between M.Care and Flykid in days or weeks to come. I believe if it happens eventually, its gonna be a hit!