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[Movie] Empire (Season 5 Episode 5) – “The Depth of Grief ”

Empire Season 5 Episode 5 titled “ The Depth of Grief ” aired on Wednesday , October 31 , 2018 on Fox TV .

In this episode , who got some whole new revelation , how Hakeem Lyon and Tiana had twins and lost one. Another side of Jamal Lyon’ s new boyfriend , Kai who is living with HIV .

Lyon isn ’ t feeling Devon spirit in his music in spite of the bundle of talents he saw in him. He had to take his time to unlock that which his hindering his shine. Trust Lucious Lyon, he evoked the spirit in Devon and he came alive with his first record .

Andre Lyon is back from prison and trying to get back on business but it proves more difficult . He ’ s trying to get his little friend , Quincy out of prison but his mom seemed not to trust him after he told her he intentionally killed Anika.

Kingsley just literally pushed Tiana out of Empire as he deemed her not working in his company ’ s alliance.

His feature of Blake on her single got him really upset, thus, Tiana quits the label.

Hakeem went fury with Blake for recording his song with Tiana and claiming he wrote the lines . The outbreak led to another altercation between himself and Tiana as he breaks down saying she’ s tired of Hakeem’ s excesses .


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