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Poem Of The Day: "The Dam" By Southy [Must Read]

Today on The Poem Of The Day on A2satsBlog, we bring you a nice write-up from male Writer, Southy titled "The Dam".

Oke Oluwaseun ( Southy) is a 200l Law student of Uniosun and a member of the lss prolific writers.

He's an artiste and a writer with The Dam being his first published work. Enjoy!

The Dam.

Its an early morning,
Here I sit by the riverside.
I watch as the waters move unopposed,
With the same rhythm every passing second,
Motivated only by the movements of one another,
With no other motive but to move forward.

I look deep into my heart,
Searching for answers, to questions only you and I are quizzed of.
Gently, Slowly, I remember how our love had been.
Like a River flowing endlessly, not knowing our destinations only where we're coming from

In a Blink!
The flow stops.
The once powerful,flowing river is brought to a complete stop.
Emotions infuse together in this tiny cluster we find ourselves.
We have one another all to ourselves, yet can't move forward nor turn back either.

I manage to look beyond the little storm we've created.
What stopped the flow?

I see a dam, How did it get here?
A dam enforced with the strongest building blocks ever made
A Dam made of Family, Religion, Culture, Class.

We can't push past this.
Slowly, Gently, Painfully, in tears.
I watch our little storm die down,
Our little river Get licked up by  the thirst of Lies and Pretence.
Slowly, Gently.
I watch the Hot blazing Sun dry up every molecule of you.
Slowly, Gently,
I'm left with just my little puddles, my broken pieces,
You are long gone, sucked up.

Im left in puddles.
Still staring at that Dam
It stands strong as ever.
Slowly Gently, the sun takes what left of me.

Not knowing my fate.
I'm up right here in the sky,
Waiting for it to rain again.

Its raining

lss prolific writers🖊🖊

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