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Poem Of The Day: "Lessons From A Papa and His Son" By Flo [Must Read]

Today on The Poem Of The Day on A2satsBlog, we bring you a nice write-up from your Favorite and Our Number one male Writer, Flo titled "Lessons From A Papa And His Son". Enjoy!

_Lessons From A Papa And His Son_

For the first time,
As a young boy,
We left home,
Me and papa,
On a 5 days visit to his friend in the village.

The stay was over,
We got home,
Freshened up,
Then took a walk in the garden.

Papa asked,
My dear son,
I replied,  yes papa!
Then he continued,
After a mild cough,
Hmm!  What difference do u see between our way of life and my friend's back in the village?
I replied,  a lot.

Papa said,  tell me.
I continued,
We have tall fences built to secure us,
But they have people around them to secure one another,
We have dogs to scare people away from our gates,
They have open doors to welcome people,
They sit on African mats with happiness and joy,
We sit on leather sofas, box into the western world of illusion.

Papa heaved,
Waving a sign to me to continue,
I said;
They eat together in same plates on the mat in love,
We eat in different plates with hate bellied in our tummies,
They are free and interact with nature,
We are confined and constricted: afraid of what our riches, power,  wealth and fame could bring on us.
They are close to the source,
We severed ourselves from the grass roots that gave birth to us.

Their unity and strength is in their majority,
Ours is in money,  power and few rich friends devoid of unity which in the end is vanity.

Papa's eyes were red,
He couldn't face me,  his son.
He wept like a baby,
He said my son! 
This is true,
I have put us in danger,
Danger in isolation.
I have cut us from our source.

He continued:
I am sorry.
I forgot my root,
I totally forgot it is better to be in danger together than in isolation,
I am sorry,
I will make amends.
Papa hugged me and we left for inside.

_This piece projects the attitude and lifestyles of our politicians,  rich and wealthy persons who believes in power in isolation.  They cut themselves off from the people that gave them power,  riches and wealth and surround their houses with tall fences,  foreign dogs,  high security techs and hired security personnel. They forgot a man  is never powerful in isolation,  but he is when he is close to his people. It is not too late to change, redefine yourselves and move closer to your people. With them,  your power lies,  and in them,  you will find the needed strength and succor  to make your name live long after you_

Written by Apesinola(Flo)

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