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Poem Of The Day: "Inevitable Loss" By Flo [Must Read]

Today on The Poem Of The Day on A2satsBlog, we bring you a nice write-up from a male Writer, Flo titled "Inevitable Loss". Enjoy!

_Inevitable  Loss_

Sometimes we don't just have a choice,
To loose something we so much love and care about.

Maybe out of our deep fear for reality,
Especially when you know what is about to hit you in the future.

As a guy,
You man up and put up that mean look,
Whereas,  you feel deeply sorry for yourself in your heart,
Because you know what you are about to loose intentionally.

you break up with the love of your life and face that hard journey alone because you don't want her to suffer along,
Also,  bearing in mind you would come back for her when all is settled.

You miss her smile,  soft voice,  advice,  her presence,   her stubbornness: in fact,  everything about her.
But you can't help but loose her for your hard journey.

Now,  that journey is about to end,
Normalcy has returned,
The few years journey has turned out well and good.
Then,  you make up your mind to check on her;
Maybe if luck is on your side, 
She might be available.

Getting to her door,
You knocked to see if she would answer your call,
But she's taken.
Hmmm, What a great sacrifice for a compulsory journey!

You tried to explain all,
But it's damn late and she won't believe you.
Because she believes truly you have broken her heart,
Which is never so.

You only protected her from bearing your own problems,
Then to save your eyes from seeing her suffer because of you.

What's your heart gonna do?
It still wants her back so much.
Maybe you should give up,
And let fate take care of it all.

Written by Apesinola (Flo)

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