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Poem Of The Day: "It's Not A Death Sentence (Autism)" By Flo [Must Read For All, Most especially Parents]

Today on The Poem Of The Day on A2satsBlog, we bring you a nice write-up from your Favorite and Our Number one male Writer, Flo titled "It is not a Death Sentence". Enjoy!

_It Is Not A Death Sentence_

The atmosphere prior to the deed was beautiful and charming,
The night a life was planted  was colorful.
I was conceived in joy,
Much anticipation was in the air to welcome me.

Papa spoilt mama a great deal,
Because I am their first,
Mama in return was full of life,
Because I was what she wanted: a boy as her first.

I was welcomed to the world,
Through a less painful delivery,
Whao!  Papa jumped in joy,
Mama couldn't hold her happy tears back,
I was the best gift life could give them then.

I was growing up,
But not like other normal kids,
I rarely laughed nor mimick gestures,
I don't respond to sounds or calls of my name,
I never blabbed: didn't do baby talk.,
Mama was worried,
Papa was confused.

At the doctor's,
It was confirmed,
They are symptoms of autism.
Mama gasped,
She exclaimed,  oh my darling baby!
But papa was visibly angry,
I understood nothing as I watched on.

At home,
Papa started blaming mama,
He called her names,
Told her it was her soil that lacked nutrients,
Nutrients to make the seed he planted give a good product.
Mama wailed,
She cried her eyes out,
She replied in anger : my soil was fertile,
It was the seed you planted that's bad.

Their fight went on for years,
As I grow up,
Symptoms became more evident,
And my predicament made them drift more apart emotionally,
Family joy was cut off,
The home seems like a grave.
I grew up with no one around loving me,
Neither do I have anyone to talk too.
I rarely went out,
I was kept indoor.
Yes,  I was tagged a disgrace and shame by my own parents.

Thanks to God,
Who finally intervened in my parents' affair,
Through a doctor friend.
Now they realize,
Autism can be managed,
It is not a death sentence,
Not enough 'but' for me to be isolated and unloved.
It is just a difficulty in self coordination,  movement, posture and expression,
Which can be improved.

It is no one's fault I am autistic,
It is not a genetic problem,
But it may be due to environmental factors,
Factors like exposure to toxins or chemical pollutants,
Taking antidepressants during pregnancy,
Complications at or shortly after birth,
Maternal infections during pregnancy,  etc.

My family is reunited,
Mama and papa are enlightened,
They felt sorry and apologetic they haven't loved me for so long,
Now my family is back, 
I have improved,
And I am loved like I am in mama's womb again.

This short write up explains the mind of autistic children.  Most are not lucky to be loved,  they end up neglected and uncared for. They are left to suffer for a sin they never committed.  Many have died,  some are on the streets begging,  more are left in motherless baby homes.

Today,  make sure you show them love. Autism is never a death sentence.  If they are shown love and care,  they can excel too.

Parents should stop blaming each other.  Never isolate them.  Love them more.  More so,  be there to notice early signs of autism in your babies so as to manage early enough.

This piece is dedicated to all autistic children across the globe.

Written  by Apesinola(Flo)

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