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SHOCKING: BBNaija's K Brule lost consciousness as his car was involved in a ghastly accident (Photos)

K Brule of Big Brother Naija season 3 was involved in a ghastly accident that left him unconscious.

The reality show star was driving on Sunday morning, November 4, at around 6am when his car experienced a blowout. He instinctively applied his brakes but his car spun out of control, somersaulted, and was struck by another vehicle.

K Brule became unconscious and was rushed to the hospital where he has now regained consciousness.

He said "no lives were lost but both vehicles are total write-offs.

He wrote:
On Sunday morning the 4th November at around 6am my car experienced a blowout instinctively causing me to apply the brakes, which is the last thing I remember.

Eye witnesses say my vehicle spun out and somersaulted over a road divide into oncoming traffic where I was struck by another vehicle causing my car to flip multiple times back across the road divide. Luckily no lives where lost but both vehicles are total write offs.

I praise & thank God for being faithful & sparing our lives. Due to the nature of the crash the blame falls on me. & I have no idea how I will pay the damages and hospital bills for the other party as I'm currently owing my own hospital but at least I'm alive to worry about these things ?

please keep me in your prayers during these trying times. I may be hard to reach for a while as my phones were destroyed in the crash.

#PrayForKbrule #thankGodforlife
Pslam 91:3 ??????
God is faithful

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