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Yeeparipa: Brave lady goes VIRAL after biting the penis of man who tried to rape her [Details]

The story of a brave lady who has defied all odds and bit off the penis of man who attempted to rape her is currently making waves on the internet

Though a dangerous defense mechanism, the victim courageously pulled the bull by the horn, a step that granted her freedom.

It was gathered that after knocking her out twice and sexually assaulting her in a Queens apartment, 21-year-old Nickoloas Samaroo got served what he had not predicted as the victim was sure to bit his genitals

In what appears to be a case of instant karma, the 21 year old who allegedly punched and kicked the 39-year-old female victim, repeatedly making her unconscious but got served as she woke up as he was pulling off her pants, distracted him and then ran for the bathroom.

Not giving up, Samaroo allegedly grabbed her, dragged her into the bedroom and knocked her out again.

The woman woke up to Samaroo allegedly holding a knife to her face. He’s accused of threatening her and forcing her to perform oral sex on him. She eventually managed to bite his genitals and ran out of the apartment, a police spokesperson said.

Samaroo ran from the apartment without a shirt on. Police have asked for help finding him. The woman suffered a laceration to her face and her right leg and was treated at a nearby hospital.

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