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Again o: Nicki Minaj continues beef with Cardi B in new music video [See What She Did]

Just when many were starting to get use to the peace between Nicki Minaj an Cari B, which has as a matter of fact lasted for about three weeks, It appears Nicki Minaj is not done with the fight

Minaj has shown that she is not reay to move on as she drops a new music video to show her continued beef with her rival, Cardi B

Nicki Minaj dropped a video for her track “Good Form” featuring Lil Wayne off her “Queen” album and she chose to hire sisters/video vixens/strip club bartenders, Baddie Gi and Jade to star in it

The duo are currently preparing to sue Cardi, TMZ reports, after she allegedly ordered an attack on them in late August.

Cardi accused Jade of sleeping with her husband, Migos’ Offset. Jade accused Cardi of hiring five people to jump her at Queens’ Angels Strip Club. They allegedly punched her, pulled her hair and hit her with an ashtray.

Both women claim that hours after the attack, Cardi B entered the club and threw a bottle at the pair of them, and they suffered injuries in the assault. She has denied the allegations.

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