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EeeGbaga: 7 Straight Laws Broken By Davido That resulted to the cancellation of his one year service [Check Here]

It is no longer news that the National Youth Service Corps has canceled the service year of popular musician, David Adeleke aka Davido, over his activities during his service year.

Nigerians have steadily followed the progress from his end, ever since news broke of the Nigerian singer going for the one-year mandatory National Youth Service Corps program.

It was only at the beginning of the program earlier this year, we got to see the singer participate in the program as he made sure to show it on his social media page.

Not long after, he began going on his music tour, outside the confinement of the NYSC program and hence, a penalty was awarded to him – there was not much of news after this, not until recently when the singer revealed his one-year program was canceled.

Davido violated NYSC by-laws by…

Bringing vehicles into the orientation camp

Dereliction of camp activities

Disclosing official information

Engaging in private practice

Taking part in partisan politics

Reporting late to duty

Possibly leaving orientation camp without a prior written permission of the state coordinator

His frequent traveling was also a contributing factor. Punch reported that he traveled to seven different countries during this time. Boston, Massachusetts, Philadelphia, New York, Washington DC, Georgia, Minnesota, London, Sao Tome, Accra, Mayotte, Lebanon, UAE, among others.

The NYSC Director of Information, Adenike Adeyemi, however, did not say what punishment had been meted out to Davido who has broken several NYSC bye-laws.

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