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Gbese: Internet Scatters As Woman organizes elaborate wedding ceremony for 2 chickens, wears Gown and Suit For them [Photos]

A photographer, Erin Bankston, from Fort Worth in Texas but currently lives in Acworth, Georgia, has gone viral for hosting a wedding with a difference after marrying off two of her chickens, Mr and Mrs Mayflower, after seeing how inseparable thy were.

The mother-of-three, 40, spent around a day setting up the altar and even managed to put the rooster in a tuxedo and the hen in a pearl necklace and white garter.

After posting snaps of the big day on Facebook, Erin was overwhelmed with positive feedback from animal lovers who adored the idea.

Now she’s using her newfound viral fame to raise awareness for the humane treatment of animals and hopes to make people think twice when they see a creature in need.

She told Femail: ‘We knew after we saw how inseparable they were that this funny little event needed to happen.

‘These birds have a story to tell, and a good lesson to go with it. They reached thousands and thousands of people, and they made so many people happy.

‘I can’t tell you how many wonderful reactions we had to their story. People cried, laughed, shared, and are just so in love with them.’

Erin added: ‘I have always tried to raise awareness for the humane treatment of animals, and love to have children (and adults) over at the farm so they can learn how and why we treat animals with kindness from such a young age so that it follows them to adulthood.

Every little life deserves respect and kindness, and hopefully through this page and their story they will touch someone’s heart where it wasn’t touched before.

‘We rescue many animals on this farm and hopefully through this page their personalities and stories will make people think twice when they see an animal in need.’

Now Mr and Mrs Mayflower are living out their own happy ever after in their own coop on the farm.

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