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Mo Gbe: Is Bobrisky's bum bum leaking? - See Nigerians hilarious reaction after video of him buying sanitary pads Breaks The Internet [Photo]

On Christmas day, a video of Bobrisky buying sanitary pads went viral online. While many shrugged it off as one of his many stunts, others seem genuinely concerned for him and his butt.

See all the hilarious twitter reactions below...

Chief Dr. Mazi Dòdò
Okay so I get all today's trends
-Stolen perfume
-iPhone scam
-Teni the hair seller
But you see this Bobrisky's own, it's giving me malaria
65 8:55 PM - Dec 25, 2018
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Babalola Olufemi Joseph
I hear that the queen of Nigeria Snapchat Bobrisky is buying pad.
What type of pad is she buying?
150 9:00 PM - Dec 25, 2018
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E-zrael Ani
I think Bobrisky went to the store with her his friend and told the person to video him her picking sanitary pad and sent the video to instablog by his or herself
305 10:17 PM - Dec 25, 2018
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Dem don tear Bobrisky kini. Make hi better go sew am cos pad no go reac
154 8:44 PM - Dec 25, 2018 · Lag Nigeria
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Bright Uchemadu
Bobrisky went to shop for sanitary pads . Has shim started seeing shim period?
949 6:35 PM - Dec 25, 2018
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Being Human is not Eno
... and Bobrisky is buying sanitary pad please ... it’s enough abeg please ... Nigeria just stop.
92 7:10 PM - Dec 25, 2018
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BOBRISKY WILL NOT KILL ME TODAY why is he buying pads
2,233 6:25 PM - Dec 25, 2018
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Sanitary pad,chai,they have destroyed it...Las las Bobrisky's bum bum is leaking...
128 8:37 PM - Dec 25, 2018
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Forget Teni and bobrisky,  if you disrespect JESUS and knack this night, as the Lord liveth you will become baba/mama baby by late August, if you like use condom, e go tear, go drink abortion herb, e no go commot, use postinor, baby go remain inside womb .
94 9:35 PM - Dec 25, 2018
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Chemical Brother
I really give it to bobrisky specie people. Imaging making the choice to switch from cutting hair at N500 to buying wig of N75,000.
True kwings, I Stan
1,293 2:57 PM - Dec 25, 2018
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