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Poem Of The Day: "Things You Don't Know About Me" By Flo [Must Read]

Today on The Poem Of The Day on A2satsBlog, we bring you a nice write-up from your Favorite and Our Number one male Writer, Flo titled "Things You Don't Know About Me". Enjoy!

_Things You Don't Know About Me_

I love to be hugged,
Pecked on the face,
Kissed on the forehead,
Patted on the back,
And sweet words spoken softly and silently into one of my ears when I am hugged.

Sweet words like:
You are great;
You can do it;
I trust you;
I love you;
You are beautiful/handsome;
Go on and make me proud. 

It's a pity,
I only got all of that when I was a child.
As I grew older,
Momma cared no more,
Papa gave no damn.
Siblings gave no attention, 
Relatives care less,
Friends only shake hands,
All forgot what I love.

I only get hugs from babies I cuddle,
And children that comes running at me when I am sighted.
Passionate and loving hugs they give,
Especially when they are in numbers,
Encircling me with joyful hearts and great tiny hands,
Not minding if my clothe is stained.

I wish older people know this about me,
And gimme what I love.
Gimme all of that,
And I will forever treasure you,
And have you in my inner circle of friends,
Who could take good advantage of me.

Written by Apesinola(Flo)


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