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Agbako: Shocking Details emerge on how A Guy allegedly uses his pretty Girlfriend, A Video Vixen for ritual [Full Gist]

An Edo state-based video vixen, Vitamin Wendy has bled to death after she was allegedly used for rituals by her boyfriend, Best. The story is currently developing in the Benin area of the state.

Wendy is said to have bled to death on Friday, and her boyfriend is being suspected of using her for money rituals.

The allegation is based on a conversation the deceased held with a friend where she said she dreamt that she was bleeding and was told, in the dream, that her boyfriend had used her for ritual. She further revealed that upon waking from the dream, she discovered that she was actually bleeding. A call to her pastor was how she confirmed that Best had indeed used her.

Wendy went on to reveal that the pastor told her to have a river bath within 3 days or risky losing her life. However, it seems she eventually lost the battle.

Meanwhile, when contacted, the boyfriend denied having a hand in her death. But while Best has gone private on Instagram, Wendy’s friends have since started storming her social media pages to mourn her.


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